Ecostructure Observatory: Exploring our Coasts

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Coastal Structures

Tell us about artificial structures along your coast

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Eco-sensitive Design

Check out our experiments testing eco-sensitive designs for artificial structures around our coasts. Upload photos and tell us what you think of them!

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Changing Sealife

Marine species are on the move, and we need your help tracking the dogwhelk, purple topshell and lined topshell on the coast of Ireland or Wales.

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What is the Ecostructure Observatory about?

The Observatory is a mapping platform that supports the research of the Ecostructure project ( . The project explores ways of building ecologically-sensitive design into artificial coastal structures around our Irish Sea coasts. This is so that our growing coastal communities can adapt to the challenges of sea level rise and extreme weather patterns whilst making space for nature in coastal engineering projects. Using ecologically-sensitive design in coastal structures would promote benefits to the environment, to coastal communities and to the blue and green sectors of the Irish and Welsh economies.

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How does the observatory work?

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